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collector car insurance, vintage auto insurance, specialty auto insuranceYour collector vehicle is an investment. If you wait until the time of a loss to find out how much your car is insured for, it may be too late. With our specialty auto program for collector cars through Chubb, the value of your classic car is determined at the time you purchase your policy, so if your vehicle suffers a covered total loss, there's no haggling over value. Furthermore, with sufficient notice, you can increase coverage of the vehicle to its proper market value any time prior to a covered loss.

Need help determining the value of your collector car?  Check out Chubb’s app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. “Classic Car Guide” provides recent sale data from major auction houses and other classic car dealers.


Repairs Will be in Keeping with the Authenticity of the Vehicle

Chubb understands the importance of the perfect part. Chubb will work with your restoration shop to properly restore your vehicle to its pre-loss condition and authenticity. Keep in mind that with Chubb Collector Car insurance, you choose the restoration facility that will repair your vehicle.  In addition, you can choose to have a $0 deductible for comprehensive and collision losses.


The Importance of an Experienced and Reliable Insurance Company

Chubb has been insuring classic and antique autos for almost 40 years and have built a reputation on their superior claims service and knowledgeable staff.  You don’t want to have to explain why the leather used must be a certain hue or the paint a particular luster. With decades of experience handling classic car claims, Chubb has seen it all.  Look to Chubb to quickly refer you to some of the best restorers and parts dealers in the country.


The Benefits of Insuring Your Collector Car with WSC

No Mileage Restriction
Gone are the days of monitoring your own use, why limit your fun? With Chubb the rate understands your vehicle is not driven on a daily basis – yet it also automatically gives you unlimited annual mileage. So have fun taking a tour out of state to your next show or personal adventure.

Complimentary Services
If your classic car is disabled in a covered loss, Chubb will not only pay the fair cost to move your vehicle to the shop of your choice, but will do so using the transport service of your choosing.  Chubb will also cover the emergency labor costs incurred at the time of the incident.

Safety & Security Reports
For individuals with collections valued at $1 million or more, Chubb offers a complimentary evaluation of your garage facility.  The comprehensive review includes a written report that helps document your collection, and also offers specific recommendations to maximize the safety of your cars.

International Coverage
Traveling with your Collector Car? Chubb can assist by providing advice on how to properly protect your collector car that will be driven or shown in a foreign country.  You will likely need to request additional coverage for international travel or exhibition, and our global resources will help you in the event of a loss. 

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