Violet Thompson,

Director of Insurance | (503) 906-8917

Violet joined WSC in 2010, and her straightforward approach was quickly appreciated by all those that met her. Her eleven years of experience in providing home, auto, business and life insurance solutions has taught her that communicating directly and clearly was what her clients appreciated. Her gift is that she has learned to do it with humor.

Violet's zest for life is conveyed in all that she does. When she isn't hiking, running, skiing, and walking the beach, she is cooking for friends and studying. Violet is a 2014 graduate of Linfield with a BS in Management. Her commitment to further education isn't limited to her studies, she pursues further insurance designations as time allows.

Her endless vitality is an asset to her clients as she uses those skills to advocate and negotiate on their behalf. Her flexible approach to the varying avenues of communication available in today's society leaves her open to whichever format her clients prefer. Her clients enjoy her responsiveness.

Violet attributes her success to her interest in people and her dedication to long-term relationships. As her client's lives change and mature, she is able to tailor their insurance solutions to reflect their evolving needs. Violet looks forward to growing her relationship with you, and providing the protection we all need in our changing society.