Lynn Omey, CIC,

Account Executive | (503) 906-8912

Lynn has been with WSC Insurance for 12 years and has worked in the Worker's Compensation arena for over 25 years. She is well-respected in the industry as a dedicated and knowledgeable professional.

Lynn inherited her love of life from her father and her independent spirit from her mother. Growing up in Kent, WA she explored her interest in art and continues that quest today by taking art classes. This aptitude for creative thinking enables Lynn to design unique insurance program for her clients and respond to their needs in very innovative ways.

Lynn values honesty and integrity...and a well-kept house. Her adventurous spirit has taken her around the world. With a bit of persistence, you might be able to convince her to share her crazy adventure the first time she traveled to India.

Lynn has been a member of a book club for over 8 years and is passing on her love of reading by being a Start Making A Reader Today (SMART) volunteer for the last 6 years. She gets to read to 1st-3rd graders on a weekly basis. Lynn has remarked that reading to these youngsters is one of the most rewarding tasks of the week.