Doug Nordholm, CPIA,

Sr. Account Executive | (503) 906-8913

Doug has spent his entire insurance career of over 30 years with WSC. He was raised in the Banks/Forest Grove area, and his ties run deep in the community. He grew up as the son of hardworking and loving farmers. His appreciation of the challenges of building and growing something have given him a deep understanding of the unique concerns of contractors and farmers.

He grew up hunting and continues to enjoy a yearly hunting trip. There is much celebrating in the office when he pulls a particularly coveted tag. We are treated to photos of what hunting 'in style' looks like, and it is clear from the smile on his face in photos that it is a valued time with family and friends.

As much as he loves all of his activities, nothing will bring a smile to Doug's face faster than the mention of one of his grandchildren. Doug's sense of fun will be met enthusiastically by his grandchildren as they continue to grow!