Tom BeLusko, Jr., AU, CIC,

President | (503) 357-3154

Tom joined WSC in 1998 as a principal of the agency. His experience as an underwriter and his commitment to his relationships makes him a powerful advocate for his clients. He is a proud father of two and can most often be found on the field coaching soccer. Tom is dedicated to the community as evidence by his resume of service; Past President of the Forest Grove Chamber of Commerce, Past President of the Forest Grove Rotary, Past President of the Independent Agent/Brokers of Oregon, former City Counselor for the City of Forest Grove and continues to serve as the chair of the SAIF Agent Advisory Council.

Tom grew up in Washington County and his parents provided him a great example of a good marriage. He humbly admits that he is proud of his wife and children who all show more creativity, intelligence and talent than "the old man".

Tom is an avid fan of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Fixx and Van Halen. As one would expect, he wore a mullet when he first began to listen to these bands. We are all thankful that he has graduated to a bow tie instead.

Those in Tom's circle appreciate his ideals and integrity. Upon meeting Tom, we know you will too.