About Us

WSC Insurance buildingAs an independent agent we are able to offer a wide array of product alternatives. But choice doesn't stop there. While insurance offerings are expected, we also provide you with expertise in the areas of risk managment and loss prevention. We are a full service provider that creates custom solutions for health, life, personal and business needs integrating diverse disciplines. We know insurance isn't your primary business - we'll be your partner and give you the confidence so you don't have to worry.

WSC Insurance has been in the insurance business for over 70 years and we've learned that our success lies not in our past accomplishments but in the value of what we provide for our clients today and into the future. We value highly an internal discipline, integrity and work ethic as well as a high degree of professionalism. They are the elements we apply everyday to earn your trust. Developing creative solutions is what drives us - delivering the unexpected to create competitive advantages for our clients. It's become our "workstyle" - proactive consulting.

WSC Insurance has established itself as a firm that is large enough to provide a broad array of insurance products as an independent agent - but we are small enough and committed to be able to provide personalized attention.

Lastly, we are proactive in our support of the world that surrounds us. We channel the same compassion and interest into a caring activism that embodies the fundamental philosophy of WSC Insurance - we genuinely care.