Violence in the Workplace Resources

It is an unfortunate reality in our world today that we must educate ourselves on how to survive violent incidents while we are in the workplace or out in the community.  To deny the possibility that it may occur in our lives is a thing of the past.  Below are some resources to prepare your workplace, your employees, your loved ones and yourself in just such an event:


Violence in the workplace can take many forms.  Oregon OSHA has prepared numerous videos targeting the concerns of specific industries, and how to identify some early warning signs.

                      Oregon OSHA Violence in the Workplace Videos
                      US Department of Labor Resources for Workplace Violence Response

Law Enforcement Resources

                     FBI - Survival Strategies Run/Hide/Fight Video
                              Comprehensive Guide to Prevention and Assessment  

                     LA County Sheriff - Surviving an Active Shooter

Corporate Services for Training

 Corporate Security Services - Provides on call security team to corporations and agencies
                        ALICE Training Institute - Provides seminars and online trainings to all types of organizations

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