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2000 Pacific Avenue
Forest Grove, OR 97116
Tom BeLusko Jr, AU CIC

Phone: (503) 357-3154

Tom joined WSC in 1998 as a principal of the agency.  His experience as an underwriter and his commitment to his relationships makes him a powerful advocate for his clients.  He is a proud father of two and can most often be found on the field coaching soccer.  Tom is dedicated to the community as evidence by his resume of service; Past President of the Forest Grove Chamber of Commerce, Past President of the Forest Grove Rotary, Past President of the Independent Agent/Brokers of Oregon, former City Counselor for the City of Forest Grove and continues to serve as the chair of the SAIF Agent Advisory Council.

Tom grew up in Washington County and his parents provided him a great example of a good marriage.  He humbly admits that he is proud of his wife and children who all show more creativity, intelligence and talent than "the old man". 

Tom is an avid fan of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Fixx and Van Halen.  As one would expect, he wore a mullet when he first began to listen to these bands.  We are all thankful that he has graduated to a bow tie instead. 

Those in Tom's circle appreciate his ideals and integrity.  Upon meeting Tom, we know you will too.

Amy Waltz CIC CRM
Vice President

Phone: (503) 357-3154

Amy has been with the agency since 1992 as the third generation of WSC.  Over the years she has chosen to narrow the scope of her clientele to public entities, private schools, colleges and universities.  Her hands on approach to assisting her clients with best practices and loss prevention is unique in the industry and has become a tradition of what sets WSC apart. 

She and her husband enjoy their four children in addition to all sorts of water sports during the summer months including wake surfing and waterskiing.  When she allows herself a little down time in the colder months she enjoys reading and cooking.


T J Buehler
Financial Services Manager

Phone: 503-906-8943
Securities and advisory services offered through Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC. Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC and WSC Financial Services, LLC are not affiliated companies.

TJ grew up as the child of two Music Professors in a small town in Kansas and joined the WSC team in 2010 after 7 years as a financial advisor.  His late grandparents taught him that his stamp is on everything he does in life, and he has lived his life accordingly. 

He enjoys laughing and doesn't take himself too seriously, though he takes what he does seriously.  With two teenage children, he is constantly reminded of the value of hard work through watching and enjoying their successes.  As a parent whose objective is to raise and develop his children into contributing members of society, TJ finds he brings those same values to caring for his clients' long-term financial success by nurturing and overseeing those assets for their future use.  

As you can imagine, TJ is a lover of music and can be found listening to everything from Yo Yo Ma to R&B.  He has enjoyed coaching the high school tennis team as it brings back memories of playing tennis in college.

Robyn Burgess
Commercial Lines Account Manager

Phone: 503-906-8926
Biography Coming Soon

Judy Charles CIC
Commercial Lines Account Manager

Phone: 503-906-8931

Judy has worked at WSC for over 12 years, and has been a Certified Insurance Counselor for the last 7 of those.  Judy is the devoted mother of two adult daughters, and shares her life with her husband of 30+ years.  Judy doesn't know how to do something half-way, and commits her best to everything in which she is involved.  She is dedicated to making sure her clients have the best coverage available at the best price, and works tirelessly to this end.  She hasn't had to make a decision to provide excellent service because it is just the result of who she is. 

The insurance market place is constantly changing and Judy stays connected to underwriters to know which companies are writing particular operations and which are priced competitively.  As her client's operations change and grow, Judy uses this knowledge to assist her clients in navigating their way through this sometimes challenging process.  Judy has never been one to shy away from a challenge.  She recently began taking piano lessons after a 25 year hiatus.  Her drive for self-improvement has led her to play the piano at her church once a month despite performance fears. 

Judy maintains her high energy levels by doing yoga and aerobic exercise nearly every day of the week.  Those two practices got her through her husband's recent diagnosis and surgery for brain cancer.  Judy's positive attitude was an inspiration to her family and loved ones.  She is a joy to work with, and her clients express the same appreciation for Judy.

Deborah (Delfs)Mohr CRM CIC CISR
Director of Operations

Phone: 503-906-8915

Deb has been with WSC Insurance for over 10 years and has specialized in providing risk management and insurance solutions to non-profit organizations (including schools and churches). 

Deb enjoys a good read whether it is fiction, non-fiction or a technical document.  She takes pleasure in delving into details, and developing a clear understanding of those topics that interest her.  She is insatiably curious and this is invaluable in her career as she develops a deep appreciation of her client's mission, operations and risk exposures.

As Certified Risk Manager, Deb takes the risk management process and the protection of her clients seriously.  However she doesn't believe in taking herself too seriously. This has helped her to weather the challenges of marriage, child rearing and several years as an insurance claim adjuster. 

She derives satisfaction from being involved in the community.  She has been the board chair of a local non-profit, served on the Citizen Involvement Committee for the City of Forest Grove, was a volunteer mediator with the City of Hillsboro Police department and is a member of the Hillsboro Rotary Club.

Nancy Graham
Administrative Support

Phone: 503-906-8961

Nancy is the one you see when you first walk into our Forest Grove office, and hers is the melodic voice you typically hear answering our phones.  She has been with WSC for over 8 years, and she is one that helps make all the magic happen.  When moving from California to Oregon, she was surprised that coffee was truly "served with a smile".  This appreciation for respect and kindness is what makes the office WSC such a welcoming place to enter.

Her love of music began well before her first vinyl record, The Monkees, and continues today as she enjoys both singing and teaching others to sing.  Her creativity knows few bounds as she works with a pottery wheel, sews marvelous purses from upholstery fabric scraps, and hopes to learn some basic metalworking for sculpting purposes.

In her less-creative time Nancy is an avid reader, and devours several books a month, but woe to the author that had a bad editor as Nancy gives demerits for poor grammar and spelling. We occasionally send emails with numerous errors to Nancy just to make her laugh.

David Harrison CIC
Account Executive

Phone: 503-906-8914

David has been in the insurance industry 26 years, joining WSC eight years ago.  His experience on both the company and agency side of the insurance industry provides a unique perspective when designing individually tailored insurance plans. 

Raised in a small community in the Midwest, David credits his solid work ethic to his parents and heartland upbringing.  A saying he has lived by is "If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well".  He has carried this through in his Professional Insurance Career; always working hard to find the best solutions for every need and situation. 

David believes strongly in being involved in his community.  Currently serving on the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, as President of his two daughters’ Middle School PTO, and having participated in many other Boards, Commissions and Committees over the last eight years, he jokes that he never learned how to say "no" when asked to participate and probably never will.

Alycia Johnson
Director of Executive Risk

Phone: 503-906-8919

Alycia Johnson joins WSC Insurance as their Director of Executive Risk.  Alycia, has spent the past seven years as an Executive Risk and Management Liability Underwriter with Chubb & Sons in both Oregon and California.  With her extensive knowledge of Professional and Management Liability coverage, Alycia is a great addition to the highly regarded professional team at WSC Insurance.  With a B.S. in Marketing & Finance, Alycia, as an entrepreneur,  founded and successfully ran a business and understands the risks and concerns of many clients enabling her to confidently offer Risk Management Solutions.  With her passion for Education and Music, Alycia, sits on the Board for the Music Workshop and is a volunteer Art Teacher in the Beaverton School District.  Alycia, her husband and children enjoy hiking, camping and golfing.

Commercial Lines Account Manager

Phone: 503-906-8934

Linda has been with WSC since 2002.  She has spent most of her life in Washington County, but enjoys taking long Harley rides with her husband throughout the Northwest.  When not enjoying "the good life" Linda can be found doting on her numerous grandchildren.

She  and her husband also enjoy taking an annual trip to Mexico.  The beauty of the beaches and the culture are something that they both find revitalizing.  As a cook, Linda often takes inspiration from the foods they try while traveling.  When not cooking, she can be found reading cookbooks to prepare for her next culinary adventure.  She's not one to shrink from a challenge!

Linda is very involved in the Trinity Lutheran Church and the local Elks club.  Her faith is deepened by the philanthropic activities of both organizations.  Linda's kind nature is obvious in how she holds herself so don't hesitate to approach Linda if you see her at an event.

Gary Morrison CIC
Commercial Lines Account Manager

Phone: 503-906-8933

Gary has been in the insurance industry for more years than we can count.  He joined WSC over 9 years ago.  He jokes that his youth, being raised by a preacher and nurse, was filled with dangerous activities like drinking out of a hose and riding bikes without helmets!  He was blessed with parents that knew who they were and taught him to believe in himself.

He knows the value of hard work and fondly remembers working on his grandparents' farm.  Today, he and his wife own their own event venue on their property in Gales Greek.  Gary keeps busy doing and creating there.  His creativity is also expressed in his love of singing and writing music.  His faith is often expressed through gospel music.

Gary's extensive experience is an asset to his clients and WSC, and is always open to discussing the finer points of insurance coverage.  Something that might incite little interest from those outside the insurance industry can become a debate around Gary's desk.

Dayna Mullins (formerly McGougan)
Account Executive

Phone: 503-906-8939

Dayna has been with WSC since 2007.  Her Forest Grove roots run deep having been born,  raised and then raising her three boys in Forest Grove.  Lucky for us, Dayna inherited her mother's sunny disposition and her father's quick wit.  We suspect both helped her survive the hours of officiating at swim meets and other sporting events with grace and a smile.  As a client, you can expect patience and professionalism as she helps you navigate the world of Employee Benefits.

These days she enjoys walking, hiking and exploring Portland for new trendy restaurants.  Her organizational skills make her extremely efficient when handling her client's needs and in tabulating and mapping those restaurants. 

Being a child of the 80's Dayna has admitted to overcoming an obsession with Aqua-Net hairspray.  She hopes her success will encourage others.

Caitlin Nail
Commercial Lines Account Manager

Phone: 503-906-8904

Caitlin has been with WSC for over 3 years.  She was raised by the "epitome of a strong father figure" and her mom with a "crazy sense of humor".  With parents described like that, it is no wonder that Caitlin is so easy to like.  She was taught that honesty, commitment, loyalty and a strong work ethic are essential to glorifying God.  She is unfailingly professional as she exhibits these values with WSC clients. 

Caitlin is a lover of non-fiction books.  Being a newlywed, she reports she hasn't taken many vacations, but given the opportunity she would love to visit the (warm) beach.  No doubt seated on lounge chair with a stack of books.  Her thirst for knowledge is part of what is driving her to continue her insurance education by pursuing her Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation. 

Don't be fooled by her quiet demeanor because she also harbors a love of Motown, and excelled at getting into "mischief" while she was being homeschooled.  She's taught and mentored young people as part of various ministry and youth outreach programs.  If you want to see Caitlin's eyes light up, just ask her about her community service and passion for youth service.

Allyson Nissley
Sr. Personal Lines Account Manager

Phone: 503-906-8923
Allyson joined WSC in 2011 and brought with her 17 years of experience in the insurance industry and her sunny outlook on life.  She grew up in Forest Grove by way of Canada and spends her time creating baked goods that benefit the entire office. 

Her easygoing nature helps her gracefully weather the inevitable challenges of being a single parent to a teenage daughter.  Her desire to set a good example for her daughter and to live with integrity translates well to her duties as an insurance professional.  Allyson can patiently explain the ins and outs of coverage in a way that is easy to understand, and can be relied upon to do and accomplish what she says. 

She encourages her daughter to be the best she can be when playing competitive soccer and Allyson feels the best way to impart this belief is exemplify it.  Despite her many years of experience in the insurance industry, Allyson is taking courses to achieve her Certificate Insurance Counselor designation.  Allyson is a joy to her co-workers who enjoy hearing her laughter throughout the day, and we are sure you will enjoy working with Allyson as much as we do.

Doug Nordholm CPIA
Sr. Account Executive

Phone: 503-906-8913

Doug has spent his entire insurance career of over 30 years with WSC.  He was raised in the Banks/Forest Grove area, and his ties run deep in the community.  He grew up as the son of hardworking and loving farmers.  His appreciation of the challenges of building and growing something have given him a deep understanding of the unique concerns of contractors and farmers. 

He grew up hunting and continues to enjoy a yearly hunting trip.  There is much celebrating in the office when he pulls a particularly coveted tag.  We are treated to photos of what hunting 'in style' looks like, and it is clear from the smile on his face in photos that it is a valued time with family and friends.

As much as he loves all of his activities, nothing will bring a smile to Doug's face faster than the mention of one of his grandchildren.  Doug's sense of fun will be met enthusiastically by his grandchildren as they continue to grow!

Lynn Omey CIC
Account Executive Commercial Lines

Phone: 503-906-8912

Lynn has been with WSC Insurance for 12 years and has worked in the Worker's Compensation arena for over 25 years.  She is well-respected in the industry as a dedicated and knowledgeable professional.

Lynn inherited her love of life from her father and her independent spirit from her mother.  Growing up in Kent, WA she explored her interest in art and continues that quest today by taking art classes.  This aptitude for creative thinking enables Lynn to design unique insurance program for her clients and respond to their needs in very innovative ways.

Lynn values honesty and integrity...and a well-kept house. Her adventurous spirit has taken her around the world.  With a bit of persistence, you might be able to convince her to share her crazy adventure the first time she traveled to India.

Lynn has been a member of a book club for over 8 years and is passing on her love of reading by being a Start Making A Reader Today (SMART) volunteer for the last 6 years.  She gets to read to 1st-3rd graders on a weekly basis.  Lynn has remarked that reading to these youngsters is one of the most rewarding tasks of the week.

Frankie Rigert
Commercial Lines Account Manager

Phone: (503) 357-3154

Frankie has been with WSC for over 4 years of her 30+ career in the insurance industry.  Frankie's no nonsense attitude is reflected in her personal mantra of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  This belief and her extensive experience makes her an integral part of the WSC team.  Frankie doesn't need to try to exceed expectations as she does it naturally.

Despite growing up in a small coastal town with a policeman as a father, she found her way to a farm commune during her "great 'ol hippie days".  Perhaps it was those commune days that gave Frankie such a strong commitment to community involvement.  She is extensively involved with the Elks and the many community and charity events of that organization.

Frankie is unerringly professional, but she has hints of a wild side.  Her favorite place to visit is Reno and her favorite activity is to ride quads.  We're guessing she might have some great stories to tell if you can get her to sit still to tell them.

Barb Schimmel
Commercial Account Manager

Phone: (503) 357-3154

Barb worked in the mortgage industry prior to joining WSC in 2012.  Barb learned the value of hard work while growing up on a farm with her 11 siblings.  She describes that farm life as a cross between Christopher Robin's 100 acre wood and a series of SNL skits.  Her dedication to hard work was recognized when she was awarded a scholarship to Linfield.

Barb has an innate ability to focus her efforts on her current task regardless of distractions.  This focus has allowed her to finish a marathon with a time of 3:25 despite injuries and challenges.    She brings this same focus to the business of her clients. 

Barb is happiest when spending time with family, running, snowboarding down Mt. Hood,  and meeting new friends.  Her genuine interest in people and their activities makes her a popular addition to any social event.  She brings this same depth of interest to her relationship with her clients.  She enjoys learning about their recent activities and goals, and how she can help them reach those.

Pamela Turk
Personal Lines Account Manager

Phone: 503.906-8929

Pamela has been in the insurance industry for over 8 years and joined WSC in 2017.  Growing up, Pamela and her twin sister moved every few years.  From this experience, she has learned to connect with people from all walks of life and to really listen to their needs.

She is an avid reader, cook,  outdoor adventurer,  farmer’s market devotee, and has some wicked flower arranging skills.  You can find her, even in winter, enjoying the outdoors, especially if it is near a sandy shore.   Her favorite color is orange which matches her vibrant personality.  She has a kind heart with a no-nonsense attitude.  This kind heart drives her to help others whether that is her family, community members, her clients, or rescuing animals.

Prior to joining WCS, She has 25 years as a Customer Service Representative, including being a manager.  This extensive background enables her to provide clear explanations of coverage and educated recommendations to her valued clients.   If you are lucky and are working with Pamela, you just might want to ask her what she created with her fabulous finds at the market.


Andrea Varde

Phone: (503) 357-3154

Andrea joined WSC in 2015, but has been in the insurance industry for a number of years.  It is very evident when first meeting that Andrea that she is very capable.  Capable of anything.  She will casually mention having owned her own business, being a realtor, replacing her fence, etc.  Her range of experience helps her understand the many concerns and priorities of business owners.

Andrea moved to Forest Grove in 1996, she found the small town to be a community in which she could raise her family with a vast variety of culture and wide range of opportunities.

She is dedicated to her family.  She can be found helping her mother plant her spring flowers, driving her children from one activity to another, and caring for various family pets.  When she can find the time she enjoys horseback riding, snowmobiling, hiking and reflecting on how cool her moon boots were in the 80's.

Andrea takes pleasure in getting to know new people and catching up with friends over a good cup of coffee, be it a Caramelizer from Dutch Bros or a Salted Caramel latte from Starbucks.  Catch her with a fresh cup of coffee and you just might be able to hear the story about the snake that was lost in the house.

Shirley Walker
Personal Lines Account Manager

Phone: (503) 357-3154

Shirley joined WSC in 2014, but has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years.  She moved from the farming community of Colfax, Washington to the small town of Forest Grove to be near her grandchildren.  Shirley’s greatest joy is her  loving family, and she's overjoyed to be able to spend more time with them.  Her care and dedication to integrity is obvious in every interaction she has with clients and coworkers.

While new to living in Oregon, Shirley has vacationed in Depoe Bay for more than 10 years.  She has always enjoyed fishing, but typically limits her activities in Depoe Bay to whale watching.   Her patience and creativity are evident in her hobbies of quilting and crafts.  She brings those same skills to bear on behalf of her clients in finding solutions to their protection needs.

Her quiet leadership is an asset to any organization and community, and her clients benefit from her vast experience.  WSC feels lucky to have Shirley as part of the crew, and suspect her clients feel the same.

Wendy White
Accounting Manager

Phone: 503-906-8951

Wendy has been with WSC for over 9 years.  She faces the challenge of working with those of us that are not 'numbers' oriented with grace and forgiveness.  Perhaps it is her love of yoga and all things musical that allows her to hide her frustration.

As is typical of many in her profession, Wendy can be a woman of few words.  However, when she shares them they are thoughtful and shared with feeling.  She is a proud mother and grandmother.  She enjoys watching the children whom she raised with such care become the young people they are today.  Her attention to detail makes her the highly reliable leader of the accounting department.

Wendy meets challenges head on, and isn't afraid to speak up when something isn't working.  She enjoys solving puzzles and can be creative when finding solutions.  It is no wonder that she makes such unique cards and scrapbooks!  

Crystal Woods CIC ACSR
Commercial Lines Account Manager

Phone: 503-906-8922

Crystal has been a member of the WSC family since 2006.  Being the daughter of a officer in the Air Force and moving around the country while growing up equipped Crystal with the ability to adapt quickly and accomplish her goals despite obstacles.  Her parents taught her patriotism and the importance of giving back to the community.  It is clear she passed these values onto her two children as one is in the Air Force and the other is looking to get a degree in conservation science.

Crystal is someone who is always evolving.  Instead of old favorites she enjoys traveling to new places, her favorite book is the one she is currently reading, and if it's outside her comfort zone she is ready to tackle it! Her willingness to challenge herself and learn is what makes her such an excellent resource and advocate for her clients.

We all benefit from her desire to know and do more.  She will see an opportunity to exceed expectations and do just that.  Ask Crystal about her current challenge to learn a little more about her.


855 NE 25th Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Violet Thompson
Director of Insurance

Phone: (503) 906-8917

Violet joined Residential Insurance Services Company (RISC) in 2010, and her straightforward approach was quickly appreciated by all those that met her.  Her eleven years of experience in providing home, auto, business and life insurance solutions has taught her that communicating directly and clearly was what her clients appreciated.  Her gift is that she has learned to do it with humor.

Violet's zest for life is conveyed in all that she does. When she isn't hiking, running, skiing, and walking the beach, she is cooking for friends and studying. Violet is a 2014 graduate of Linfield with a BS in Management.  Her commitment to further education isn't limited to her studies, she pursues further insurance designations as time allows.  

Her endless vitality is an asset to her clients as she uses those skills to advocate and negotiate on their behalf.  Her flexible approach to the varying avenues of communication available in today's society leaves her open to whichever format her clients prefer. Her clients enjoy her responsiveness.

Violet attributes her success to her interest in people and her dedication to long-term relationships.  As her client's lives change and mature, she is able to tailor their insurance solutions to reflect their evolving needs.  Violet looks forward to growing her relationship with you, and providing the protection we all need in our changing society.

Elisa Lorenz
Personal Lines Account Manager

Phone: 503-906-8928

Elisa began working with WSC in 2016.  She is a native Oregonian and a recent graduate of OSU.  Her childhood was full of enjoyment of the outdoors with horseback riding, kayaking bike riding and hiking.  In the winter, she can be found skiing at Oregon's multiple mountains.

The youngest of three sisters, she has mastered the balanced art of diplomacy and negotiation.  She has found this skill extremely helpful when assisting her clients with claims issues.

We suspect Elisa has always been a good student due to her attention to detail.  If she isn't certain of something, she doesn't rest until she understands a subject in its entirety.  Both WSC and her clients benefit from her tenacity as we trust the information we are being given is truly correct.