Cyberliability Insurance
Miscellaneous - commercial insuranceData breach and other cyber losses are reported in the news every day.  The standard General Liability policy does not include coverage for these types of losses.  For many businesses that experience a breach, locating the necessary professionals to assist with the required credit monitoring, reputation repair, and network security restoration can be overwhelming. 

A breach can result from a simple mistake.  An employee might misplace a laptop, Blackberry or computer tapes or just leave these in an unlocked car.  The more people from whom your company collects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) including employees, the broader the exposure is and the more you need insurance protection.  If your organization collects any Personal Health Information (PHI), the responsibilities for the protection of that data are specified by HIPPAA.

There are many different types of Cyberliability policies and your WSC Insurance agent can help you assess your risk and the appropriate product for you.
Data Breach Premium premium quotes are available through AIG's Identity Fraud program.
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